Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

blackberry YM error : invalid yahoo id or password


akhirnya bisa fix my blackberry problem..

sebelumnya, i cant log-in YM on my blackberry

tapi anehnya, i can still log-in YM on my PC..

sesudah googling, looking some tips (re-installing YM, battery pull, etc), totally cant work out..

finally, i tried to reset my yahoo password.. (just click "forgot password" then you'll get some notif by mail or sms)

after reset, dont forget to change your password. and try to log-in YM on PC first (do not logout YM on your PC until you log-in from your blackberry device)

it really works..
YM on your PC will display some note "your YM's off because you're sign in from another computer" yeah something like that :p
yeay.. now you can use YM (again) from your blackberry